Spirit of Knari

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The Spirit of Knari


An introduction by the founder


She is You

She is The Divine Feminine

– a force beyond the realm of the ordinary –

Sacred, inspiring, and sensual. It can’t be seen, but only felt and experienced.

Knari is derived from, and is a phonetic representation of the Sanskrit word for Women, नारी. Our goal is to empower and to celebrate women as we march together to reclaim our rightful place in the world with the freedom to express ourselves. Knari honours and cherishes her body for what it is. She breaks free from decades of cultural conditioning led by a patriarchal society while embracing her own unique beauty. She is fierce, funny, steadfast, and gentle. She is brave, calm, bold, shy, childish, naughty and amused. She makes her own rules, she breaks her own rules, she is focused, she is proud, and she is on her own path to become her own role model - she is you.

At Knari, we tenaciously believe that the Saree is the most exquisite garment in the world, with the magic of unlocking your true splendour. The saree, a seamless fabric, taking the form of your curves - the Pallu falling off your reliable shoulders with a gentle swoosh, a glimpse of the border through the dips of your hips - the effect it has on bystanders, as awed witnesses to the grace you epitomise, is everlasting. To us, a Saree is more than just a drape, it’s an experience.

A House of Weaves

Carrying forward an ancestral establishment of 50 years, Knari is the digital baby of my familys’ organization - Sanskruti Silks. My parents, Shashi Singh Dabi - a fearless and renowned fashion designer and businesswoman, and Inderjeet Singh Dabi - a veteran silk textile manufacturer and trader, envisioned to build a brand which housed only the most unique sarees’. Together, they travelled across the country to build a network of weavers and artisans who would later on create and supply personalized saree’s according to their creativity. My mother, who is the brainchild behind Sanskruti, was adamant on building a brand for every woman of substance. And for this, she put her soul into curating a collection of saree’s which boasted of distinctive features.

Along with handloom saree’s, they also began producing their own collection of designer saree’s. From dying, printing, and embroidery to stitching bespoke blouses, Sanskruti Silks did everything to make exquisite sarees’. It took them years to create an ecosystem of happy and valued weavers, kaarigars, employees and customers.

Following Sanskruti’s vision of establishing a brand that evokes a sense of pride in being a woman, Knari carries forward the proud family legacy into the online space. We’re not just another e-commerce brand. Every saree on our website is handpicked, handmade and unique. We value our customers, and we aspire to build a brand that you can confide in, and rely on for all your saree needs.

We are fully committed to give you the best saree shopping experience - online. We extend our arms and welcome you to join a tribe of women who embody femininity in all its glory. Welcome to Knari, She is You.


Vaishnavi Singh Dabi