Sapphire blue Kanchipuram Silk Saree with a blue Blouse

Sapphire blue Kanchipuram Silk Saree with a blue Blouse

Sapphire blue Pure Handwoven Kanchipuram Silk Saree with a blue shimmery pallu and a blue Blouse


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A rare Kanjeevaram, which boasts of refined craftsmanship. The body of this sapphire blue saree features floral motifs disseminated evenly, Each motif on the saree is artistically woven with a combination of golden and self zari. The border is exquisite, with a

thick shimmery band of gold zari, The pallu is designed with a shimmery two

layered border, continuing into diagonal patterns of different peacock motifs  in gold zari,

What enhances the look is an elementary  sapphire blue blouse with a thick shimmery border 

Product Details
Weight 810.08 gm
Make Kanchipuram
Fabric Pure Silks
Occasion Traditional Occasion, Formal Wear, Wedding Wear
Color Palette Blue
Saree Length 5.5 meters
Blouse Length 80 cm x 110 cm
Bottom Border Thickness 7 inches
Jari Gold Zari
Jari Type Silk Fast Zari
Body Design Flower
Body Color Blue
Pallu Running, Rich Pallu
Pallu Color Blue
Border Contrast Border
Border Color Gold
Blouse Running
Blouse Color Blue
Shade Light, Pastel
Figures No figures

Saree Care

  • Dry Clean - We advise you to only dry clean the saree’s.
  • Hand Wash - Make sure your saree has been dry cleaned at least once prior to washing it yourself. Use cold water, and a mild detergent such as baby shampoo or soap nut to wash your saree.
  • Drying - Never wring your saree, gently roll the saree in a towel to remove excess water, and dry in a cool and shady spot, away from direct sunlight.
  • Ironing - Avoid direct and high heat on the saree. Put a thin cloth over your saree before you iron it.
  • Storing - Fold your saree and wrap it in a muslin cloth, or store it in the bag we provide you with. Unfold your silk saree, air it and change the folding every 2-3 months, preferably.
  • Fresheners - Never use naphthalene balls, or direct application of perfumes on the sare

Drape & Quality Details

Easily one of the most reputed Saree’s to ever exist, the Kanchipuram Silk Saree, or simply a Kanjeevaram comes from the little town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. Weaved on a handloom by some of the finest artisans, the saree is highly valued for its mastery in design and for its high quality of silk and zari. Four pure silk threads are twisted to make a single yarn of thread, the count of the threads in the weft of a Kanjeevaram may vary between 200 to 3000, making this one of the most high quality garments to ever exist. The zari in this saree is made by dipping single silk threads in pure silver and then in gold lacquer. A Kanchipuram Silk Saree is valued as a special occasion saree, which can be preserved for a lifetime. Due to its purity and high silk thread count, the Kanjeevaram is slightly thicker, stiffer and longer than your regular saree. The pleats of these saree’s sit neat and crisp on the shoulder and around the waist. Ideal for special and formal occasions, a Kanchipuram Silk Saree is timeless and can be draped to suit any age.
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